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Learn Scratch Programming


A free course that Introduces computing and Computer Science to a younger audience using the Scratch programming environment. Small lesson bites in modules with narration and demonstration. Includes the amounts of time to listen.  Has activities.  You can return to the site at any time and select any module. You do not have to go in sequence and you can repeat any module.

You can move through the lessons in sequence or use the menu (3 lines) to select the skills you want to try.​

Teachers can setup accounts to track their students' work.  This site contains links to educator resources and the Scratch community.​

Learn Python Programming

Python from scratch is a gentle introduction to programming, designed with the beginner in mind. No previous background is assumed. Each programming concept is first taught without reference to a specific programming language. Hands-on practice, using the programming language Python, helps to reinforce the concepts.” If you would like a more gradual, video-based presentation to Python, you may want to examine  Python from Scratch, offered by the University of Waterloo.”

Computer Science Circles: Python Course 
University of Waterloo – Canada


  • Follow link on main page.

  • After Registration you get an email from WordPress.

You can use the program without registering, but if you do register, you can see progress results!

For teachers

  • The teacher should create an account;

  • then each student should create an account, go to "Edit My Profile" in the user menu at top right, and set the guru to be the teacher's account name.

The teacher can receive Help questions from the students (see the Mail Page) and view their progress (see the My Progress page) within the CS Circles site. If a teacher uses the course over several semesters, they can remove or hide non-current students using the Manage Students administrative tab.

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